Saturday, April 16, 2016

Beyoncé announces mysterious 'World Premiere,' and the Beyhive loses it


Mark your calendars: Beyoncé is releasing something called Lemonade on HBO on April 23 at 9 P.M. ET.

Beyoncé posted a short teaser for whatever it is on her Instagram and YouTube on Saturday, which leaves much to the imagination.

"Lemonade. A world premiere event," the promo reads.

Beyonce can be heard saying, "What am I gonna do, love, what am I gonna do?" 

#LEMONADE immediately began trending on Twitter in the United States, while the Beyhive attempted to unravel the cryptic message.

Now, the Beyoncé fans were aware of something called Lemonade for a while now, however it was unclear exactly what the project will be.  Read more...

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'For the Love of Spock' is a moving love letter to an icon and a father


Spock, an iconic presence on the original Star Trek series and its multiple incarnations over the next 50 years, might have been another all-but-forgotten TV character, like Alf or Doby Gillis - if not for Leonard Nimoy.

As written, Spock was supposed to be logical, emotionless. But Nimoy imbued the alien with a striking humanity telegraphed through tiny gestures - an eyebrow raise, a furrowed brow.

Spock was Star Trek's only full-time, half-breed character. On the surface, he was a Vulcan; underneath, he was constantly struggling to keep his human half and its emotions in check. Read more...

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Jealous dog isn't into sharing the couch with a cat, lamb and human


That's my spot.

Clearly this dog was not used to sharing the love seat with so many species. 

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